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Carl Sprinchorn News

Although we stopped publishing the Carl Sprinchorn News after five volumes and a Special Edition in 1998, we did not cease our research. Our decision to stop publishing was based on our belief that there was not enough interest to justify the time, effort and cost. We hoped for the day when a retrospective of Sprinchorn's work would create a larger audience for Sprinchorn. Even though that never actually happened, the current exhibitions do a good job of showing him in the work that he expressed the most commitment toward - the Maine Work. We believe it is fair to say that if it hadn't been for the early Monson experience and the many years spent painting in the upper reaches of Penobscot County a hundred miles north of Bangor, Sprinchorn would not be nearly as interesting to us today.

We plan to start publishing again this fall in the hope that there will now be a larger audience. There are many subjects to be explored and discoveries to be shared. For example, our discovery of 160 letters that Sprinchorn wrote to Adelaide Kuntz from 1937 to 1966, which are very poignant, detailing his life on a weekly basis for his patron, who was also Marsden Hartley's ex-patron, These especially flesh out his life at the Shin Pond House in the late 40s and his growing disillusionment with his prospects.

Those of you who have become Life Members or paid in advance for Volumes 6 & 7 will receive them as they are published. Others can either write to P. O. Box 476, Patten, Maine 04765, call (902) 766-4806 or e-mail us to say whether you would like to receive the next C.Sp. News or receive more information about Carl Sprinchorn.

We are interested in knowing about any Sprinchorn works for our research files and publications and we are actively seeking to acquire his work and any documents or photographs related to his life.

If you have any information you would like to share you can email us at

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