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Chris Huntington at Shin Pond - 1996The Carl Sprinchorn Admiration Society was founded in the spring of 1994 by Chris Huntington and his wife, Charlotte McGill. Huntington, a landscape painter himself, met Scribner in 1961 and hence Sprinchorn in 1962. In 1963 he became the first curator of the Art Museum of Colby College where he organized exhibitions with both Sprinchorn's and Hartley's works and had planned to do a joint exhibition of their early and late Maine periods. After he left Colby, he retained his friendship with Sprinchorn and continued to build his collection of works by Hartley, Sprinchorn and other American artists.
The Society has accumulated a very substantial archive of Sprinchorn material on its own; has published a number of issues of the Carl Sprinchorn News, held an annual Fest'n'Forum at Shin Pond, Maine, and is now researching Hartley's Katahdin experience and planning to publish an extensive work on this epoch of his life to be called "Marsden Hartley's Penobscot Venture in his Own Words," in keeping with our philosophy of letting the artist speak for himself.

Our unusual approach to art history has been reported on in
Art & Antiques magazine October 1999.

"Make no mistake about it, Chris Huntington and Charlotte McGill are convinced that their pursuit of Carl Sprinchorn's ghost was preordained, that they were destined to retrieve Sprinchorn from the limbo of past lives and lost art. "It's like a religious calling," says Huntington, his eyes merry with amusement. "It's out of our control. I believe Carl Sprinchorn is directing us to do this, guiding us."

Edgar Allen Beem, Down East February 1998

"What I need is an interpreter. Without one, the work will not be seen for what it is, or what it may be, that is absolutely certain. I've given up expecting one for years. I paint first for myself - it is my life and reason for being; and then for a hypothetical stranger to come some day, who will stand before my work and be able to see it for what it is for the first time in history. Even I cannot say I really know it - far from it. I only know what I put into it (or some of it - for there are forces and forms we cannot know ourselves). It has often given me great satisfaction to visualize this man - can almost see him. In fact, it will be something of an other self who will discover, quietly, in the same way that I have discovered, standing in museums or coming across things in books. And I will say they really have been discoveries. After the one, there will be a second, and after the trickle maybe a brook and that is how these things happen."

Carl Sprinchorn to artist Nick Brigante, Los Angeles (Jul 21/51)

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